Introducing Puzzel Workforce Management (WFM), a cloud-based solution that is a constituent part of the award-winning Puzzel Customer Service Platform. Say goodbye to the days of struggling with complex spreadsheets and hello to building an efficient and engaged workforce with Puzzel WFM. Due to the simple menu structure and clear user interface, Puzzle WFM is particularly suitable for organizations that are going to work with a WFM solution for the first time.

Unlock the Potential of Your Workforce with Puzzel WFM

Puzzel WFM is designed to help resource planners accurately forecast demand and generate instant schedules that are optimized to deliver the highest service levels for your customers, the best experience for your agents, and the lowest operational cost for your business. With Puzzel WFM, you can customize your dashboard with the charts, stats, and campaign summaries you need.

Puzzel WFM takes the guesswork out of forecasting and scheduling. By using historical data captured directly from your contact center, you can generate accurate forecasts and create schedules that will ensure your contact center is always efficiently and effectively staffed. The scheduling process is reduced to just minutes, rather than days, and can be completed in a single application accessible on any device, at home or in the office.

Puzzel WFM also allows you to schedule your agents to be in the best place possible to achieve the highest service levels for your customers. With real-time insight into agent performance, you can support decision-making and ensure that customer service levels continue to be met.

One of the most significant benefits of Puzzel WFM is the suite of reporting options it offers. You can streamline HR and payroll operations and continuously improve performance with the reporting options available.

Puzzel WFM also empowers your agents with shift preferences, shift trading, and holiday management. They can submit their availability and shift preferences, request shift changes, trade shifts with colleagues, and manage their holidays from home or in the office via a dedicated agent web portal or the Puzzel WFM mobile app. This reduces administrative overhead and offers agents more control over their work-life balance, providing greater flexibility that leads to lower sick days and attrition.

Puzzel WFM’s multi-skill forecasting tool will have you creating, editing, and finalizing demand for your contact center in no time. Forecasting in contact centers can be a long and challenging task, especially when working solely with spreadsheets in today’s multi-skill, omnichannel world. However, Puzzel WFM’s intuitive design makes the process straightforward for both first-time analysts and established resource professionals. With data captured directly from your contact center and automatic and manual smoothing, you can create highly reliable forecasts in minutes.

The super-fast scheduler not only provides instant optimized schedules, but it also allows you to make changes in real-time. With intraday management, you can simply add activities or drag and drop shifts at any time to respond to sudden spikes in demand or last-minute absences. You can also repurpose agents during idle times and assign them offline tasks without impacting critical service level targets.

Workforce Management (WFM) solutions enable organizations and businesses to optimize their staff working schedules. This ensures that people are assigned to the most appropriate tasks for their skills, and customer service experience is always optimized. Contact centers are complex business units, often with large teams of agents with different levels of skill, knowledge, and experience.

Puzzel WFM is designed to be fast to deploy, easy to use, and scalable to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Cloud-based solutions are viewed increasingly more favorably over legacy, on-premises solutions. Cloud-based Workforce Management (WFM) systems are more flexible, scalable, and manageable as they can be deployed more quickly, and they allow Contact Center managers to combine complex blends of in-house, offshore, and remote workforces.

Switching from spreadsheets to a proper Workforce Management System is easy with Puzzel. Spreadsheets provide a quick-fix for Workforce Management, but they are unwieldy and unsustainable. Most of all, they are extremely prone to human error – either in the formulation or data input. Puzzel WFM provider that understands your business and sector can take your spreadsheet data and migrate to a custom solution with little or no impact on your day-to-day operations.

Puzzel WFM Dashboard

In conclusion, Puzzel WFM is the solution you need to build an efficient and engaged workforce. It enables you to accurately forecast demand, generate instant schedules, and gain real-time insight into agent performance. With Puzzel WFM, you can streamline HR and payroll operations, continuously improve performance, and empower your agents with shift preferences, shift trading, and holiday management. Deploying Puzzel WFM is fast and easy, and it is scalable to businesses of all shapes and sizes.